Treasure Boxes for the Refuge

We have made a decision today. It is one of those decisions that I have a horrible feeling is going to take over our lives.

Many of you know that little girl has recently making bracelets to raise money for her school. She made over £140 at the Summer Fayre and has already made more than enough bracelets for the Christmas Fayre, She will continue to do this twice a year for as long as the school wishes her to do so.

Some people have started to ask for bracelets in between times and send her orders.  We have been asking for a donation to charity for these but had not decided on the charity so have just been saving it until little girl decided what she wanted to do. So far she has about £60 (not bad given that this is only since mid July).

Little girl decided that she would like to make boxes of toys for children who were in need in some way but could not think where she might find these children. Today we contacted the local women's refuge to find out if they were interested in receiving the boxes to give to the children on the night that they arrive there.

We received a reply back very quickly saying that they would be very grateful for the boxes. The children's co-ordinator said that most children arrive with nothing at all and the boxes would be very gratefully received.  This seems a perfect cause for us and so I guess we are going to be very busy.

We are currently trying to make up our first couple of boxes to take to the refuge for them to check that the items are suitable.  We will then try to make one box for every child who arrives at the refuge from then on - obviously the items will need to vary according to age. The items need to be small enough to fit in a shoe box.  At the moment we hope to include - a teddy, notebook and pens, a heart shaped stone and any other small toy items - ideas gratefully received! These items need to bring comfort to small children on the night of their arrival at the refuge but things they can keep forever.

We need to find out a lot more before we can really start making progress.  We want to make sure that we are doing it all properly.  We hope to be able to take online donations etc eventually but need to check out the cirrect and proper way to do this before we take this step.

In the meantime we are trying to just gather together a few items for our first couple of boxes.  If you have new items you could donate please contact us on and I can give you more details.  

Fingers crossed