Nordag's Special Friends

This weekend I was inspired by two special children.  First of all I read some terribly sad news on Twitter that Ronan Thompson, a little boy I had been following had died of cancer just before his fourth birthday. One thing that has shone through this heartbreaking story is his mother's determination to spread his message and to raise awareness about neuroblastoma.

Later in the weekend I found out that one of my twitter friends @Hula_Mummy was doing a charity run in memory of her little sister Keara. Keara has been cared for at Martin House Children's Hospice and her family wanted to do something to thank them for the support they had offered over the years.

These two children got me thinking. I firmly believe that every child is a leader, but some children have a special message that we all need to listen to. However long or short a life and however big or small the person we should hear that message loud and strong.  

I have decided to list each of my special friends on a page all of their own. This page will hopefully help to spread their word.  It will take me a few days to build the first two pages and then I will add friends as I find children who inspire me (with the permission of their family of course). I hope people who follow this website will read their message and be inspired too.

Thank you Ronan and Keara for the idea!