Nordag's Friends

This page will be where I add the details of Nordag's special friends - inspirational children with a story to tell.  The children might be charity campaigners, those who are raising awareness about an issue or medical condition or those who are simply inspirational.  Please look at my friends so far and come back to hear about new ones I add in the future.  

The families of the children listed on this page have given me permission to do so.   Go here to read more about the reasons that I have started this page.


Keara AKA Tinkerbell

Keara is one of my special friends.  During the 11 years that Keara was alive she visited Martin House Children's Hospice many times and enjoyed her time there. It was during a Twitter conversation with Keara's sister that the idea of this page came to me. The ability of children to inspire really does seem to be eternal...

Sadly Keara died in Auguest 2010 but her committed family have made the decision to spread the word about the wonderful work that Martin House Children's Hospice did during her life.   This year they are taking part in 3 separate 10k runs in her memory. 

Please go here to visit Team Tink's fundraising page to find out about the fundraising they are doing to spread Keara's word.  The website for Martin House Children's Hospice can be found here.



Ronan Thompson

Ronan Thompson is the other inspiration behind this page. Ronan fought neuroblastoma (a type of cancer) until 9th May 2011 when he sadly died, just before his fourth birthday.  Ronan inspired his family to raise awareness about neuroblastoma and continues to do so.  They are committed to supporting the families of other children who are suffering from childhood cancer.

Find out more about the Ronan Thompson Foundation by going here Please note that this is the only official method for donating money to the cause.  Ronan's mum is concerned that unofficial fundraising sites have been set up without her awareness and she is anxious that any money that is donated gets to the right place.

For UK information about neuroblastoma, including signs and symptoms please go here.