Hello to all

Hello to all of you out there.  Let me tell you why I have started this website and what I hope to achieve.

Most parents want to spend quality time with their children, but we all need a bit of inspiration from time to time.  We know that spending time creating or imagining is far more valuable than watching the television or playing computer games, but sometimes when energy levels are low it can be so easy to take the easy option.

This website is intended to be a light hearted look at the ways in which we can spend time with our children.  We hope it will provide ideas that will help you to foster your child's imagination and bring out the creative side in them.  It is also going to be a true record of the lives of the children that I live with.  I am hoping that it is a record that they will look back at when they are older - and maybe even continue in some form or other for their own children should they be lucky enough to have any.

I will be blogging about childhood, creativity and imagination whenever I can but please bear with me as I am doing this in my spare time and a dragon's life can be a very busy one.

I hope that you will be my friend...