So proud

Please allow me one self indulgent post.  Every dragon in the world thinks that the children that they share their lives with are wonderful. My little girl has made me very proud today.

Many of you will know that little girl has started to make bracelets.  She has given a few to friends and teachers and it was suggested that she made some for a stall at her school Summer Fayre.  She loved this idea and launched herself into the project willingly.  I must admit that with the sheer number of bracelets she needed to produce I did help out with some and made some earrings to match the bracelets she had made, but she spent a good part of her spare time working on it.

I was so worried today that they would not sell.  I was silly to worry.  She sold £140 worth!  People were buying them to match their holiday outfits and strangers who didn't even know her (or that they had been made by a six year old) bought them too.

Her production and marketing was excellent.  One thing that wasn't so good was her sales.  SHe spent far too much time enjoying the activities, delegating the job to me.  I think she deserved a nice time after all her hard work.

I don't like self indulgent blogs but I just wanted to say how proud I am of her.  We have decided that we would like to do other things to raise money for the school but we aren't sure what yet.  Watch this space...