Our Holiday

Our Holiday

We have had a wonderful holiday.  We have a special place in Wales where we go twice a year.

As usual I have left back to school/work preparations too late so have not got time to write much but thought I would share these pictures.




We visited the fairy woods and left a note for the fairies...














                       We relaxed on the beach...












The children paddled in a stream...






                        ...and made some new friends.





We found a new place to go away in our van - a fantastic wild campsite where children can be children and nature provides the payground. We have booked to go there in August.

We found a geocache, tried and failed to fly our kite, ate ice cream, climbed a steep hillside to see a waterfall from the top, caught a crab and did lots of other things, too numerous to list.  The children are growing so fast that we need to make the most of every one of these moments.  I like to take photos but I also take photos in my head, where they can never be lost and can be accessed straight away 

We work hard and play hard in our family.  What we don't spend enough time on is the housework.  But I reckon that I will never look back when the kids are grown and regret that the house was not cleaner.  So it is the housework that goes I'm afraid.