Ideas to try

On this page I will be adding ideas for activities to do with children.  Please e-mail your suggestions and I will add them as soon as I have tried them out with children to check that they work!  The website serves the function of being a fun record of the lives of the children I live with so we must have done all of the activities ourselves.


Those of you who follow my Twitter account probably know that we like to go geocaching as a family.

Geocaching is an international treasure hunting game where you hide and seek containers of 'treasure' and log your finds.  Children love it and it can help to keep the interest levels going on a long walk. The treasure usually consists of low value items and you are asked to replace anything you take with an item of a similar value.  

Geocachers used to need a special GPS device but now you can do this by using your mobile phone and downloading a geocaching app.  

Chances are that you have a geocache hidden nearer to you than you think. Why not search for your nearest one?

You can find out more about Geocaching by visiting

Here is a photo of me with a typical geocache... 


Fairy Stepping Stones

I did this a few weeks ago but promised people that I would post some photos when I got chance.

The children loved making these stepping stones using clay and bits and pieces out of our craft cupboard.  

If they are to be left in the garden they will need sealing, and I must admit that we haven't got round to this yet. They are still on the fireplace in the dining room. Not many fairies go there.








A few people asked about the tray that we used to do the messy stuff in. It is a builders tray - also sometimes called a Tuff Spot.  Pre-schools and nurseries use them a lot for all sorts of activities and they can be purchased at a builders merchants or off the internet (or from an educational supplier at a greater cost1)


Strawberries dipped in chilli chocolate

Well, I don't really need to say any more than that do I? Lindt make lovely chilli chocolate which isn't too hot. We can get this in our local supermarket.

If you can't get chilli chocolate near you, maybe you could make your own. Never tried it but it has got to be worth a go!

Have fun!




Fairy Hearts

In our home we are fortunate enough to have fairies visit our garden. We know that they come because they leave tiny glass hearts behind for the children to find. Their favourite place to leave them is in the sand pit but they can be found anywhere. They even seem to follow us to the beach and when we go on a family walk.

When the children have had a bad time or have done something really good, the fairies leave larger hearts under their pillows.  They love to find these and they become really special to them.  The little girl in our house has one special 'dream heart' that she sleeps with every night that keeps the bad dreams away.

We store our glass hearts in a little glass jar.  The children love looking at them but if they have a friend who is upset, or want to show someone that they love them, they give the hearts away.

Here are two photos of the hearts.  This is photographic evidence that fairies really do exist!