Nordag's Charities


Our little girl decided she would like to donate her pocket money to a different charity each week.  We have not forced her to do this and she can change her mind at any time. We have since found out that Just Giving accepts a minimum £2 donation so she had a pocket money increase!


She makes her own decisions which children's charity she will support and is getting a lot out of the experience. We will never force her to continue with this but will support her for as long as she decides to carry on.


If there are any children's charities you feel our little girl should consider, please e-mail me at


Our Local Women's Refuge

Pocket money from 14th and 21st August

Many of you will know that little girl has started a long term project to make 'welcome boxes' for children who arrive at our local women's refuge.  She is currently busy making up her first two boxes for the refuge staff to approve.

She wanted to spend her pocket money on buying the first two glittery shoe boxes - one for a boy and one for a girl so this is where her two week's pocket money has gone.  We will post a picture of the boxes when they are crammed full of gifts - she will be working on this when we are on holiday next week.

Even though this is a big project we will still continue to donate her £2 a week to other causes.  We will be raising money for her shoebox campaign in other ways.  From next week we will be back to making our normal donations.

Help Harry Help Others

Pocket money from 31st July and 7th August

Little girl decided that she would like to donate her pocket money for this week and last week to Harry Moseley who is raising money for Cancer Research UK.  Harry is 11 and has an inoperable brain tumour.  He is currently very ill in hospital and is awaiting surgery.  To find out more please visit Harry's website here

Team Tink

Pocket money from 24th July

A bit late again - not donated until 7th August!  Team Tink did their third run on the fitst anniversary of Keara death.  Little girl sponsored them another £2. Read about their run here.

Little Boy's Nursery

Pocket money from 10th and 17th July

Little boy did a sponsored obstacle course to raise money for toys for his nursery so little girl wanted to sponsor him £4.  Well done both!

Dylan Ward's Wonder Boxes

4th July 2011 (yes, I know - late again!)

Just a quick update today and I will write more when I get chance.  This week little girl decided to give money to a very special boy who has just started a new project making art boxes for children with cancer.  

Dylan Ward has already been named "Britain's Kindest Kid' for the fundraising he has been doing.  You can find out more by visiting his site on

We will be writing more about Dylan when we get chance...

Ronald Macdonald's House

26th June 2011

Another twitter friend has been collecting money for Ronald Macdonald's House to thank them for the support they gave during their little girl Gabriella's heart surgery and recovery.  This week little girl donated £2 to their Just Giving account.

Team Tink and Winston's Wish

19th June 2011

Had a really busy week with little boy breaking his arm at a school fun day and a huge event at work so didn't get round to the charity donation last week. Fortunately we know who we were going to donate to as @Hula-mummy was doing yet another run in memory of her sister Keara.  See below for details about Team Tink and also on the 'Nordag's Friends' page.

So on to this week's donation.  As it was Father's Day little girl thought it would be nice to help children who did not have a father.  She gave her £2 for this week to Winston's Wish which is the leading childhood bereavement charity and the largest provider of services to bereaved children, young people and their families in the UK.

Please have a look at theie website -

Jack Marshall Brain Tumour Fund (again)

5th June 2011

Little girl has already supported this cause but she decided that she would really like to have a wristband so this is where her pocket money went this week (we didn't tell her that she didn't have quite enough to cover the postage)

Details about Jack Marshall can be found below, but if you would like to get a wristband of your own please go here


29th May 2011

In a mad rush to get ready for our holiday we forgot to do our usual Sunday night routine so I made a donation to CHD-UK as I had promised that I would suggest this cause to her. CHD-UK provides education and raises awareness about congenital heart defects.

Fortunately little girl was thrilled when she heard about the donation.  Phew, that was me off the hook!

To find out more about this cause please visit their website here or follow them on twitter

@CHD_UK has recently updated the website and they have announced that they will be holding a Winter Charity Ball?Auction on 11th November in Gloucestershire.  More details can be found here.  Those of you unable to support in this way could always consider visiting their Just Giving page.

Heart Link

22nd May 2011

This week the £2 went to Heart Link as nominated by two of our Twitter followers who have had personal experiences with the charity and the good work that they do.  A donation was made to a personal Just Giving page, chosen by our little girl but as the family have not communicated with us, we will not publish their details.

Ronan Thompson Foundation

15th May 2011

A double dose of charity donations this week as two very special causes needed a donation this week in particular.  Little girl twisted my arm to donate to two so gets her pocket money doubled.  She has agreed to do something to earn the extra ;-) (we'll see if we hold her to that one).

Firstly a special little boy who we have been following on Twitter sadly died a few days ago.  It was his 4th birthday on Friday and his memorial service today. Little girl wanted to donate her money to the Ronan Thompson Foundation in his memory.  She gave just over £2 because of exchange rates.

Please go to this website to read Ronan's Mum's blog or to make a donation to the Ronan Thompson Foundation  If you would like to make a donation to the cause please ensure that you only do so through this site to be certain that your money goes to the right place.

Martin House Children's Hospice

15th May 2011

For some time I have been following the lovely @Hula_mummy on Twitter.  Martin House Hospice supported @Hula_mummy's little sister Keara many times and through her last few months.

Well done to @Hula_mummy who successfully completed her run today will be doing two more runs this year - and we will be supporting again.

Go here to find out more and read about Keara on her blog page.

Follow Martin House Children's Hospice on Twitter @MartinHouseCH

For more information about Keara and Ronan, please see Nordag's Friends 

Birmingham Children's Hospital

8th May 2011

After a lot of pondering, little girl decided to donate to Birmingham's Children Hospital.  She chose a personal Just Giving page in memory of a little girl who died of cancer.

Please follow Birmingham Children's Hospital on twitter @Bham_Childrens or visit their website at 

Noah's Ark Children's Hospice

2nd May 2011

Out little girl was really thrilled that we received a tweet from Andy Day from CBeebies who suggested that Noah's Ark Children's Hospice would be a worthy cause.  

We donated £2 via just giving tonight (a day late I know!).  Please support this charity by making a donation, or find out more by following them on Twitter - @NoahsArkHospice or by visiting their website at

We had several other suggestions from our followers on Twitter and we will keep these on our list for coming weeks.  Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you!

Jack Marshall - Brain Tumour Awareness

24th April 2011

I have been following @Jack_Marshall_ on Twitter for a while so I must admit I suggested that our little girl considered him this week.  She did have a look at a couple of other options but once she looked at the photos in Jack's gallery on his website she had made her mind up.  She was particularly touched by the fact that Jack is not much older than her little brother and said 'it is wrong that someone that little is ill''

Please follow Jack on Twitter and have a look at his website at and follow him on twitter @Jack_Marshall_

This is not a registered charity but will support Jack's treatment and any spare money will be distributed to charities that raise public awareness of brain tumours and have supported Jack during his treatment.


17th April 2011

This week, after a long discussion and sifting through many of Just Giving pages, our little girl decided that she wanted to donate to Bliss as she wanted to do something for babies born too early. We have donated to a personal page but will only post details here if that person emails with consent.

We have had to raise her weekly pocket money to £2 because that is the minimum that Just Giving will accept.

For details of Bliss, please visit their website on


One of my Twitter followers suggested that I should put this on the website.  Our little girl donated her £1 charity pocket money on 7th April 2011.

4Louis supports parents who have suffered bereavement through stillbirth or neonatal death.  Parents are provided with a keepsake box which they can use to capture memories of their child.

Please visit their site at or follow them on Twitter - @Walk4Louis for more information about the valuable work they do.

SOS Children's Villages

This is the charity that we support on an ongoing basis. We sponsor a little girl called Mariam who lives in India. We are not allowed to post any details about her on the internet as part of the charity's privacy policy. Mariam is exactly the same age as our little girl and it is nice to see them growing up together.

If you want more details on SOS Children's villages, please visit