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Treasure Boxes for the Refuge

We have made a decision today. It is one of those decisions that I have a horrible feeling is going to take over our lives.

Many of you know that little girl has recently making bracelets to raise money for her school. She made over £140 at the Summer Fayre and has already made more than enough bracelets for the Christmas Fayre, She will continue to do this twice a year for as long as the school wishes her to do so.

So proud

Please allow me one self indulgent post.  Every dragon in the world thinks that the children that they share their lives with are wonderful. My little girl has made me very proud today.

Our Holiday

Our Holiday

We have had a wonderful holiday.  We have a special place in Wales where we go twice a year.

As usual I have left back to school/work preparations too late so have not got time to write much but thought I would share these pictures.




We visited the fairy woods and left a note for the fairies...








Nordag's Special Friends

This weekend I was inspired by two special children.  First of all I read some terribly sad news on Twitter that Ronan Thompson, a little boy I had been following had died of cancer just before his fourth birthday. One thing that has shone through this heartbreaking story is his mother's determination to spread his message and to raise awareness about neuroblastoma.

My video

 This week I have been learning to do animation.  Do you like my video?


Hello to all

Hello to all of you out there.  Let me tell you why I have started this website and what I hope to achieve.

Most parents want to spend quality time with their children, but we all need a bit of inspiration from time to time.  We know that spending time creating or imagining is far more valuable than watching the television or playing computer games, but sometimes when energy levels are low it can be so easy to take the easy option.