Welcome to my website

I am a friendly green dragon and I love to have adventures.  My story started when I was found by a little girl and a little boy.  I had been left in a cardboard box on their doorstep with nothing but a note asking them to look after me.  It was the best thing that could ever have happened to me because they took me in, looked after me and I became part of their family.  This website will tell you about all of the adventure we have, and hopefully give you some ideas for your own.

I am going to be adding a lot of content on this site but at the moment it is very new.  Keep coming back to see how the site develops and in the meantime follow me on Twitter

For those of you who were wondering, there is no deep religious significance to the 'magic' theme of this website.  Children seem to like fairies, dragons and wizards (look at Harry Potter).  Activities with a little bit of 'magic' in them seem to inspire children more and foster their imaginations.  Anyway, what sort of dragon would I be if there wasn't a bit of magic involved!

I hope you enjoy my site and try out some of the ideas you find on here and enjoy the insight into our lives.